• 1)  Follow the road of Kötschachtaler Straße (don’t take the left-hand turn to Miramonte Hotel! This is the wrong end of Reitlpromenade)
  • 2) Pass Hotel Helenenburg on the right and Hotel Alpenblick on the left.
  • 3)  When you see a white house with blue and white shutters, take a left-hand turn onto Reitlstraße
  • 4) Pass Toscanini Weg on the right, follow Reitlstrasse when it makes a left –hand turn
  • 5)  BE CAREFUL! Immediately on the left, there is a small road going slightly uphill. This is our private road and there is no street sign.
  • 6)  Follow the small road for 1 min, you will see a grey 3-storey house. This is Haus August!